New character poster of Johnny (Comic Con Special edition) [x]

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Twenty One Pilots at the APMAs red carpet.  +

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When Patrick Stewart asked James to imitate Jean-Luc Picard’s “Space.” x

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This is mine.

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what in the fresh hell

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Silly faces 

Emma Watson / Daniel Radcliffe / Selena Gomez / Scarlett Johansson

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"I know Shakespeare’s a dead white guy, but he knows his shit."

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the never ending film challenge | [2/?] comfort films » 50/50
"It’s bullshit. That’s what everyone has been saying. "You’ll get better" and "It’ll be fine”. I don’t know why everyone is so fucking scared to say it. “You’re dying, dude"… It makes it worse."
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Throughout the film, Jon tellingly refers to Barbara as a “beautiful thing” instead of “person.” This says so much about not only the characters in the film but also men and women in general. Jon sees Barbara as an object to be obtained, but it doesn’t occur to Barbara that she’s being objectified: in fact she seems flattered. The women in these scenes all see this as romantic and sweet.This is what happens in society: women are objectified constantly, in film and television and advertising and it trickles into real life. Not only are we fed these images and ideas, but we’re taught that this is acceptable and that this is something we should want. This movie isn’t just about porn and addiction: it’s about how whatever we see on the screen can affect society.
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Valentine's Day Romantic Comedy Countdown
 6 // (500) DAYS OF SUMMER 
I love how she makes me feel: like anything’s possible, or like life is worth it.
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"Then there’s another way I think of the word you mention, ‘RECording.’ Sometimes I say, ‘Again by heart.’ The syllable ‘CORD’ is supposedly a variation on an ancient proto-Indo-European root word — the same as core, corps, cœur — meaning heart. ‘RE’ is an old prefix indicating repetition. So, in that sense, I’ve been RECording as long as my heart’s been beating over and over and over again. And so have you."

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Movies and porn are different, Jon. They give awards for movies.
They give awards for porn too.

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